Essence Of Cortex Eucommiae

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Essence Of Cortex Eucommiae

- Enrich the liver and kidneys

- Nourish blood and Qi

- Strengthen muscles

- 100% safe to use

- No artificial colouring


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Enrich the liver and kidneys. Nourish blood and Qi, strengthen muscles

Cortex Eucommiae 1.225g, ren suillus ( pig kidney ) 36.75g,fructus lycii 0.6125g, radix codonopsis 0.6125g, radix achyranthis bidentatae 0.6125g, semen cuscutae 0.6125g, fructus psoraleae 0.7g , radix angelicae sinensis 0.6125g, radix rehmanniae praeparata 0.875g, lentinus edodes 0.6125g, water ( water, inactive ingredient) 70ml

Oral : 30-40ml each time, two times daily. Once opened, it is best to consume product within the same day.

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