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What is All-in-one+?

EQ Nutrition’s All-in-one+ is a research backed formulation providing all the key performance enhancing supplements into one easy to use, great tasting drink.

Perfect for those looking to improve performance, build muscle or increase strength through the combination of Whey Protein, Creatine Monohydrate, Glutamine, Taurine and Leucine. All-in-one+ is further enhanced with the exciting new carbohydrate source Palatinose , a sugar substitute designed to taste sweeter than sugar. Palatinose offers a fast acting, slow release energy source.

Why take All-in-one+ ?

The main ingredient in Al-in-one+ is whey concentrate, this has been shown to be superior to other protein sources in that it stimulate protein synthesis more than other proteins1. The use of whey protein concentrate also ensures that the key immunoglobins which offer various health benefits and can enhance whey’s effect are retained. The more filtered whey isolate and hydrolysed whey protein sources are also added to ensure that you get optimal protein levels per serving and make All-in-one+ an extremely fast acting formula.


In addition to whey protein, this unique formula is enhanced with added leucine which has been shown to increase the mTOR pathway responsible for signalling protein synthesis leading to optimised muscle growth2. Combining this with taurine has been shown to improve recovery.


Creatine monohydrate has been added which offers a wide range of benefits namely: increased ability to perform high intensity work, increased recovery between efforts, increased hydration of a muscle which improves protein synthesis and improved glucose storage.

The effects of creatine are again synergistically improved with taurine as it improves fatigue resistance.


Lastly, glutamine which is an important amino acid has been added which has been shown to assist in immune function, gut health and the cell volumizing effects.

Super Charged with Palatinose

Palatinose™ is a natural sugar twice as sweet as sugar, but causes no tooth decay. It is also heat stable so can be used in baking and cooking. With its slow but complete absorption and hydrolysis, Palatinose™ provides a constant and extended stream of energy that lasts over a longer period of time.

When to take All-in-one+?

All-in-one’s formulation makes it a perfect choice for those wishing to use pre and post-workout. You can either space 2 servings throughout the day or get the full benefits around your workouts by taking a serving before and a serving after training.

EQ products are tested in accordance with the Informed Sport testing programme which certifies that our supplements and/or ingredients have been tested for banned substances and are completely safe for natural and elite athletes.

EQ Nutrition use manufacturers who have been audited in accordance with the Informed Sport programme, ensuring that all our products are produced by manufacturers that have the appropriate quality systems in place.

For best results use 2 servings of All-in One+ daily to help support lean muscle and strength gains. Take 1 at breakfast, another immediately after exercise as a vital post-training meal or between meals where required. Add 1 scoop (40g) to 300ml of cold water in an EQ Nutrition shaker, shake and consume.

Chocolate Flavour Per 40g Serving
Energy (KJ) 546
Energy (kcal) 129
Fats (g) 1.9
of which saturates (g) 0.8
Carbohydrates (g) 4.5
of which sugars (g) 2.7
Protein (g) 24.1
Salt (g) 0.2

Chocolate Flavour
Whey Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein), Creatine Monohydrate, Wheat Protein, Cocoa Powder, Milk Protein Concentrate, Glycine, Leucine, Isomaltulose, Flavour, Taurine, Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Sweetener (sucralose), Egg white protein, Sodium Chloride, Sweetener (stevia).

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About Us

Our knowledgeable team have been in the industry for long enough to recognize the good from the bad and thanks to the relationships we have been able to build over the years with suppliers and manufacturers it means that we are able to access the finest quality raw ingredients from the best production facilities. All our suppliers undergo our stringent quality control audits to ensure that the products they produce along with the facilities in which they are produced are of the highest standards available. Product quality is the cornerstone of the EQ brand, we would never produce anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We will never cut corners to make a quick buck and we also know that you would rather pay a little extra for the assurance that you are getting the highest quality and safest ingredients available.
Simon Stevens
Co Founder

Our Story

We started off as a very humble business.

I started EQ journey in the dusty recesses of the gym where I was tired of settling for over hyped, cheaply manufactured supplements that were in the market. Suffering from Colitis that is Bowel Diseases which made it impossible to take low quality supplements.

As a natural bodybuilder that later went on to win a British title, it was essential that the correct nutritional support could be the difference between adding one more kilo to the Bar, squeezing out one more rep or losing that extra pound. It was also essential that the supplements that I was consuming were 100% safe and tested for natural athletes and only included the highest quality raw ingredients available.
Simon Stevens

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