ELXR® Sports DNA Test Kit

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ELXR® Sports DNA Test Kit

- Determines the "sports gene", by investigating the ACTN-3 genotype of an athlete

- ACTN-3 assess the amount of fast twitch muscles that is genetically produced by the body, which translates into one of the three Sports DNA Type - "Power", "Balance" and "Endurance".

- Personalised training programme will then be generated for the user based on his Sports DNA Type


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ELXR® Sports DNA Test Kit

The ELXR® Sports DNA Test Kit determines the “sports gene”, which helps to advise on the type of exercise your body is genetically inclined towards.

ACTN-3 is one of the most researched genes pivotal to training response, recovery and injury risk. It encodes for ?-actinin-3, a special protein expressed only in fast twitch fibres and commonly associated with speed, power and strength in athletes.

This test kit investigates your ACTN-3 genotype to assess the amount of fast twitch muscles that is genetically produced by your body. The result translates into 3 key types:-


More Suited for explosive movements with maximum exertion


Well balanced for both explosive and long distance feats


More suited for long distance feats

ELXR® is the Pioneer of DNA-Based Fitness Training System in Asia.


Determine your Sports DNA Type in 3 easy steps

1. Collect your saliva sample with the test kit provided

2. Submit your DNA sample in the return envelope

3. Receive your test results in 4-6 weeks through the ELXR® app

How to unlock your personalised DNA-based Fitness Training

1. Find out your Sports DNA Type with the ELXR® Sports DNA Test Kit

2. Determine your current fitness level by attending the ELXR® Fitness Assessment

3. Choose your fitness goal and start exercising with your personalised DNA-based fitness training on the ELXR® app

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Background of Company, Brand & History

We started off with Superfit Global four years ago, a company specialising in providing offline fitness coaching to individuals, small groups and the community. Together with our affiliates of like-minded coaches, we believe in empowering every individual with our knowledge in fitness training. We also built a strong community in Singapore that believes in the mantra, #LiveBetterStrongerTogether. Our system believes in training with science and data, and that led to the birth of ELXR®. 

ELXR®  is the Pioneer of DNA-Based Fitness Training System in Asia, providing sports technology solution to develop a robust personalised fitness training program using one’s genetics.

Analysing an individual’s fitness at a genetic level, ELXR® provides user an experience where they discover their Sports DNA type through a non-invasive saliva DNA Test, a technology which was previously available only to the elite competitive athletes exclusively. ELXR® users are also entitled to attend the ELXR® Fitness Assessment which was designed across 9 major fitness modalities - aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, agility, balance, endurance, flexibility, power, strength and speed. 

By analysing the athletes’ Sports DNA and results from the ELXR® Fitness Assessment, ELXR® deliver a powerful and customised programme tailored to one’s genotype and current fitness level - Making the app the first DNA-based fitness training app in Asia. 

About Superfit Global: 

Superfit Global is one of Singapore’s leading sports and fitness focused entities. Founded in 2016, the firm has played an active role as an aggregator to help the community to live better through sport. Superfit Global offers training at all levels to enable people to stay active. The firm’s vision is to be inclusive by helping to make a positive difference to both the young and old to live better and stronger.  

Partnership with Genesis Healthcare: 

Genesis Healthcare, Japan’s largest private genetic testing, research and data companies has the most extensive private genetic database for Asians in the world. Choosing the sports-tech start-up ELXR® as a partner, Genesis Healthcare believes that the app will cater more to Asians with its Asian-focused database. 

ELXR® is also the first and only Sports OEM Kit company working with Genelife, outside of Japan where their headquarters is based in Singapore. The app is not just focusing on penetrating the Singapore market but intends to penetrate into other Asian markets as well - to deliver the most accurate data to suit an Asian sportsman’s needs. 

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