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Good ValueReview by Joel Ng
Mixes well. Taste(mocha) not the best, rather bland but still decent. Other than taste, good product overall, worth the price. (Posted on 5/24/16)
Srsly =_=Review by yuxuan
didnt know that there was alot of caffein in the protein powder since it wasnt written down anywhere visible , now its 4am and i still cant f***ing fall asleep .
f***ing put the amount of caffein somewhere visible (Posted on 5/19/16)
Decent productReview by Benjamin
Taste is good and it goes down well (no burps), just that it doesn't mix as well (can end up with little clumps) as ON's whey, and is just (my opinion) a little better tasting than GoldPro.

The powder tends to stick to the containers I pack it in, leaving residue. Not sure if everyone experiences this, but it's just a bugbear of mine. (Posted on 1/19/16)
Excellent Review by Shobhit
Very helpful to build muscle. (Posted on 9/25/15)
The BestReview by cobra
it is very good and taste great 10/10. but please restock :( (Posted on 9/16/15)
it taste weirdReview by bun
the chocolate mint doesn't taste like one, in fact it taste horrible. does not have the mint taste (Posted on 8/27/15)
BadReview by Kang
Bad man.. 3 weeks into it got bored with the taste. Got myself the chocolate. Bloated feeling as well. (Posted on 8/14/15)
MMMMMReview by Nigga
I swear the cookies and cream flavour taste like candy floss, maybe I added too little water but it is still nice! Overall a decently tasting and extremely cost affordable brand! (Posted on 8/4/15)
Tastes AmazingReview by gainzville
Went with the chocolate mint flavour and it tastes incredible. Mixes well too. A cheap protein that serves its function. 9/10 (Posted on 7/24/15)
Great protein Review by Zacky
Damn out of stock.. Pls stock it up.. Need it.. (Posted on 7/6/15)
Awesome taste, great product!Review by Markas
Taste = 9.5/10 - Surprised by how good it tastes.
Solubility = 9/10
Value for money = 10/10 - Awesome product!

Bought Rich Chocolate flavour. Buying Cookies and Cream now. :D (Posted on 5/19/15)
whey too good!Review by fenz
Awesome taste,trusted brand,dissolve easily and most importantly...getting the gainz! (Posted on 4/8/15)
whey too good!Review by fenz
Bought the choc fudge and it taste gooood.It dissolve easily and no clumps at all,but the serving per scoop stated 36.3g and the size of the scoop looks big to me so little skeptical about the stated serving per scoop. (Posted on 3/20/15)
Below averageReview by nash
Sorry to say,but the worst flavour i have ever had(Gourment vanilla).Its very hard for me to gulp it down as the taste and smell of the protein make me want to throw up on every single sip.Dont know why but i think there are more better tasting brands out there. (Posted on 3/6/15)
taste, mixabilty, price, efficiencyReview by D
Taste- vanilla gourmet sux in water, with milk its thick and creamy like a milkshake
Mixability- mixes well with cold milk/water
Price- really cheap for its size and compared to other brands
Overall its a good affordable protein, high content of protein and BCAA, no gastro issues so far( recently bought )! (Posted on 2/22/15)
Bad tasteReview by John
The rich chocolate flavour tasted horrible (Posted on 12/6/14)
tasteReview by K3n
café mocha 10/10 better than ON strawberry and mutant chocolate whey (Posted on 6/14/14)
average, had better protein :(Review by storm4life
TASTE -I would say the taste of the protein is average , after 1 week i was already bored of the taste . mixing 2 scoop gives bloated feeling

MIXABILITY- you need a shaker bottle 8/10

i wouldn't buy this protein again , unless budget constraint (Posted on 6/7/14)
GreatReview by JX
Probably one of the best tasting wheys out there! Tried Cafe Mocha (9.5/10) & Pina Colada (8/10) (All Tested with Water)

Just order Rich Choc hope it turns out good! :D (Posted on 5/15/14)
Good productReview by Robert
Scoop has a long handle. Easy to reach. I like this.

Mixability is good. I put 3/4 scoop into a cup and stir with a spoon. There are some clumps at the bottom but they dissolve easily with more stirring.

I bought the Chocolate flavor and it has a very pleasant taste with just plain water. I have tried most ON chocolate flavors before (few years ago) and I call it a draw.

In terms of protein purity it seems to be on par with ON:

Solid product at this price. (Posted on 4/11/14)
new formulaReview by yh
tried the new rich chocolate, drinkable but less tasty than the old one. label says improved taste..they must be joking. also less servings per container due to the bigger amount per serving (Posted on 2/26/14)
Not a bad productReview by Sebastian
I have bought the cafe mocha and it's not that bad. Will continue to try this product. (Posted on 2/22/14)
Tastes horrible!Review by Ben
With the new "improved taste" the rich chocolate flavor doesn't taste as good as it was anymore. In fact i can safely say its one of the worst tasting protein i've ever tried. (Posted on 1/1/14)
Pretty goodReview by Jayjay
Slight clumping but the taste is awesome and reasonable price. (Posted on 12/22/13)
Great Taste n solubility.Review by Great Taste.
Fitlion always delivers fast n promptly.
Great protein powder with great taste.
Bought rich chocolate. (Posted on 12/15/13)
Awesome product!Review by Ben
One of the best tastin proteins i've tried. Dissolves easily in water too! Definitely would reccommend! (Posted on 9/29/13)
Great Affordable Whey Review by Rishi
Having tried many different whey proteins, from ON Gold Standard, RCSS Pro Antium,and Cellucor Whey, I have to admit this has been the best.

Price wise, I got it through the bundle set, so at $56, it was very very affordable, especially since I take 2 servings daily. Plus, whey is whey, so why not go for a good and reasonably priced tub of whey?

Flavour wise: I've had better, but this was really easy to mix, and it's texture was like water. Usually gag on creamy protein shakes, but this was incredibly easy to down. You won't even need to care about flavour when it's that easy to drink. (I had Rich chocolate)

Effectiveness: Gained a good amount of muscle mass, while still staying lean, but it's a up to your diet. The nutrional profile seems good too.

Highly recommended to people on a budget, and those who are picky with flavours. (Posted on 8/29/13)
Had betterReview by Joel
What irks me the most is the solubility. There tend to be small clumps here and there after mixing and it clumps up in the sieve in the shaker as well. Furthermore, it bubbles a lot after shaking. So i usually drink about 80% of it, and wait till the bubbles disappear before consuming the rest. Or else I will be forcing air into my tummy. I did not experience any of this with a slightly more expensive brand. *coughs* O.. *Coughs* N..

Taste is very subjective. I bought butter toffee as I read many good reviews on it. However, the taste does not agree with me.

Performance wise, as long as its primarily Whey isolate, it is at a very competitive price point. This is definitely a go for those on a budget.
(Posted on 5/21/13)
Average ProteinReview by Samad
I have been using a different brands of protein and trying to find one that helps in my performance and has an awesome taste. Well, the amount of protein in each serving is pretty average. The taste is not that bad, price wise pretty reasonable. But there are still other brands which are better. (Posted on 4/10/13)
DymatizeReview by Bm
One of the best Whey Protein (Posted on 4/7/13)
great product!Review by cheong
wonderful! (Posted on 4/3/13)

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