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[Expires: 13 Jul 2019] Organic Sweet Apricot Kernels

150 g

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These sweet apricot kernels have a sweet nutty taste with a hint of amaretto. Full of natural enzymes and vitamins, these seeds are very beneficial for health.


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Apricot kernels are the seeds found inside apricot pits. They resemble almonds and have a sweet nutty taste with a hint of amaretto. Our sweet apricot kernels are freshly harvested from the lush plains of Malatya in Turkey, and every seed is packed with natural enzymes and vitamins, namely vitamin B17, or amygdalin. Amygdalin has been studied extensively and is believed to have health-enhancing properties.

Try apricot kernels ground, chopped or whole, or add them to your smoothie, salads, cereal and even coffee! It is best to limit consumption to 8 apricot kernels a day.

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