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Premium Organic Cinnamon Powder


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Premium Organic Cinnamon Powder


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Cinnamon powder comes from the bark of the tree where aromatic essential oil is extracted and processed.

Cinnamon Powder lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, stops medication-resistant yeast infections, anti-clotting effect on the blood, relief from arthritis pain (half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder combined with one tablespoon of honey every morning before breakfast), anti-bacterial, boosts cognitive function and memory by smell, fights the E.

Coli bacteria in unpasteurized juices.

It is also high in nutrients, and a great source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium.

Cinnamon Powder

Can be added to honey and consumed for weight control.

For relief from arthritis pain, combine half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with one tablespoon of honey and take it every morning before breakfast.

Add hot water and make it a hot beverage.

Commonly used for baking or cooking.

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