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Organic Kombu Seaweed


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Dr Gram Organic Kombu Seaweed


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The organic Kombu seaweed is a large type of seaweed that is used as a soup stock or in nabe (hot pot) dishes.

The organic Kombu seaweed is a rich source of both iodine and iron but has fewer vitamins than Nori, a type of seaweed eaten with sushi.

Kombu protects you from human leukemia cell lines and mouse blood against gamma radiation.

100% Kombu Seaweed

Use it to make dashi, a Japanese soup stock

Pickle it with vinegar (su kombu), or with sweet-and-sour flavouring

Cut into small strips and consume as a snack with green tea

Can be eaten fresh with sashimi

Cook with beans to add nutrients and improve digestibility

As a seasoning for rice to be made into sushi

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