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Organic Green Leaf Stevia Powder


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Organic Green Leaf Stevia Powder 150g


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Green Leaf Stevia Powder is a whole leaf dried at low temperatures and grounded into a fine powder.

No additives or bleaching is involved, hence the natural colour of the stevia leaves is retained and you can enjoy the full benefits of stevia.

White stevia powder is also available in the market.

It is sweeter than green stevia powder, but it lacks the nutrients that you can get from the green powder due to chemical processing involved.

To manage your body’s blood sugar levels, consider replacing sugar with green leaf stevia powder.

To lose weight, use green stevia powder to replace sugar or other sweeteners as it has no calories – meaning it simply goes through the body.

It is suitable for anyone with diabetes or hypoglycemia.

It also promotes oral health and lowers the incidence of tooth cavity.

Using stevia powder may also lower blood pressure, thus exercise caution if you have low blood pressure. Moderation is key.

  • 100% Pure Green Leaf Stevia- Powdered

Add to beverage of your choice, smoothies, cakes or cookies.

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