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100% All Natural Himalaya Rock Salt


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100% All Natural Himalaya Rock Salt


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Formed over 250 million years ago below the Himalayan Mountain Range, pink Himalayan Rock Salt contains an amazing 84 minerals and trace elements for nourishing the human body.

100% natural and completely free of toxins and chemicals.

This mineral dense pink salt is widely regarded as the cleanest and purest salt on earth due to the fact that it is only found in the Himalayan mountain range.

Enjoy an infusion of 84 minerals needed by your body when you replace your ordinary table salt with a pink solution

Use rock salt solution to detoxify the human body. Water is indispensable when it comes to effective detoxification. Pink rock salt with its rich mineral content acts as a vehicle that allows the effective transfer of toxins from healthy cells to the bloodstream, where they are then discharged out of the body system.

100% All Natural Himalaya Rock Salt

Use as a healthier choice for flavoring food.

Or use as bath salt to reinvigorate your day.

Replace your common table salt with pink rock salt or sea salt.

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