DNAcode Skin Care Kit

1 set

Code: D003-0009-00

DNAcode Skin Care Kit contains : 2 packs of buccal swabs (4 swabs), 1 swab envelope, 1 return envelope

Lab Fee of $135 SGD to be paid separately at www.dnacode.com


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Or 3 interest-free payment of $13.00 with info

Identify 20+ genes related to your skin’s genetic potential and provides the most effective skincare regime that is uniquely……Yours.

  • How easily do I get wrinkles?
  • How sensitive am I to the exposure of sun?
  • What is the best approach for maintaining collagen production?

Get the answers from our Skin test. This simple at-home DNA test will provide you with comprehensive genetic report that gives you recommendation on personalized topical ingredients, supplement ingredients and professional treatments.

Lab Fee of $135 SGD to be paid separately at www.dnacode.com

7 Easy Steps:

  1. Once you have received the DNAcode Kit, proceed to visit www.dnacode.com to register your kit.Click on Register Kit, and select the option "Purchased Elsewhere + Pay Lab Fee"
  2. Fill in your particulars, and key in the Barcode as reflected in your Registration Card.
  3. Submit the form
  4. Collect swab sample
  5. Place in swab envelope and return envelope
  6. Receive your report in 4-6 weeks via PDF

For more information, click on FAQs at www.dnacode.com.

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