Skin BioG x DNAcode Personalised Starter Kit

Code: D003-B002

- DNAcode Skin DNA test kit

- DNA report with personalised skin care regime recommendation

- 30-day supply of BioG MicroTabs personalised supplements

* 6-8 weeks for the BioG MicroTabs personalised blend to be delivered.


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DNAcode Skin test will identify 20+ genes related to skin's genetic potential and provide the most effective skin care regime that is uniquely yours. This test offers a detailed gentic report about your personal genetic makeup in 7 area of skin health; namely Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Sun Protection, Skin Sensitivity, Skin Elasticity, Pigmentation, Collagen Quality, Skin Antioxidants. This simple at-home test will equip you with a comprehensive genetic report that gives you recommendation on personalized topical ingredients, supplement ingredients and professional treatments.

BioG is an intelligent supplement solution that will help you improve your body from the inside out. They are produced by patented, advanced German technology to compress premium-quality vitamins, herbs, minerals and other nutrients into micro-sized tablets, creaing a potent, revolutionary and convenient blend just for you.

Together, BioG will formulate your skin personalised blend according to your DNA result and lifestyle, using premium quality of supplement ingredients including Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoEnzyme Q10, Green Tea Extract and others that will help you to achieve flawless skin!

- All-in-one formulation
- Premium nutrients with clinically proven efficacy
- Pharmaceutical-grade, lab verified ingredients
- Made in Germany by patented advanced tachnology
- Free of lactose, gluten, preservatives, artificial colourings & flavourings.

*Price includes Lab Fees, which does not need to be paid separately.

Depending on your DNA test results and lifestyle questionnaire, different premium-quality vitamins, herbs, minerals and other nutrients will be used to formulate your very own personalised blend.

If you are on any medication or have any allergies, please consult a healthcare professions before consumption

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

  1. Once you have received the DNAcode Kit, proceed to visit dnacode.com to register your kit.
  2. Click on Register Kit, and select the option "Purchased Online"

  3. Fill in your particulars, and key in the Barcode as reflected in your Registration Card.

  4. Submit the form and you're all set!

For more information, click on FAQs at dnacode.com.

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