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GADOT Blue Light Blocking Lenses w/o Prescription

1 Set
Frame: Scarlet Blush ; Shades: Black Silver

Code: C018-0019-00

This fashionista frame is specifically designed for women. Make a statement with Gadot!

Comes with:

- Glasses

- Magnetic Snap-on Shades

- Lens Cleaning Cloth

- Cover (Soft case)

- Box


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* Cubik BluBlok lenses offer superior protection from blue light. While most PC lenses are coated with a blue light blocking agent that can be scratched off, reducing your protection over time, Cubik BluBlok lenses contain a blue light blocking agent within the lens material, meaning that your eyes remain fully protected all the time.

* Scratch-resistant

* Anti-glare - sharpens visible light & reduces harsh glare

* Crafted with Ultem frames, a light, sturdy material used in a wide range of applications, from spaceships to medical equipment. Being highly flexible and durable, you don't need to worry about accidentally sitting on your glasses, or breaking them in your bag, as they retain their original shape.

* BONUS!! Each pair of Cubik BluBloks comes with a FREE magnetic clip-on polarised sunglass frame, giving you 2 in 1 blue light AND UV protection.

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