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Joint UC-II

30 tablets

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Caltrate Joint UC-II 30s


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  • Support your joint health with the NEW Caltrate® Joint Health UC-II® Collagen. Caltrate® Joint Health UC-II® Collagen contains UC-II® Collagen, Vitamin C and Minerals to help reduce joint discomfort (such as stiffness), promote healthy cartilage and joint flexibility.

What is UC-II®?

  • The scientific breakthrough ingredient to your joint health, UC-II® Collagen has been clinically tested to support your joints.
  • UC-II® is the patented form of an undenatured Type-II Collagen.
  • Type-II Collagen is commonly found in your joints.
  • It is specially processed in low manufacturing process to retain its native structure.
  • UC-II® Collagen has been shown to reduce and sooth joint discomfort (such as stiffness).

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