Gold Standard Natural 100% Whey

Optimum Nutrition

Gold Standard Natural 100% Whey

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I don't understandReview by Kai
Why is this not overstocked? I've been waiting for this to be available for a long time. Recently the facebook page posted that it is supposedly available, but it is again OOS after 3 days?? (Posted on 5/20/16)
Optimum NutritionReview by Joel
Good protein ! Very few Natural protein powder out in the market. (Posted on 3/6/16)
the best out there!Review by jim
mixes well, tastes great, more importantly no banned/artificial crap.

the only down side is that it's always out of stock here, i hope fitlion would allow customers to pre-order or stock more. (Posted on 3/2/16)
Absolutely love this product ! Review by Zac
I don't usually do reviews but this product is just too good that i need to!
Not heaty at all & taste very natural.

Definitely recommend this product to those that are looking for a protein that taste super clean. Feels really good after drinking this :) (Posted on 1/10/16)
No upset tummy or heatiness after consuming. Review by Jerry Han
Bought it after BSN's Syntha 6 went out of stock. Definitely good as it did not cause outbreaks or upset tummy (very sensitive stomach) and though sometimes I took them on regular basis, I did not experience heatiness like other brands. Recommending it to people who experience discomfort with other proteins! (Posted on 8/25/15)
NaturalReview by Shawn
Always bought this, nice to drink.
Always drink it with water. mix well.

But disappointed, every time is out of stock.
Hope to see fitlion bring in more stock for this protein. (Posted on 1/11/15)
Has no artificial stuff, easier to digestReview by Ellen
Chose because much cleaner formula, easy to digest. Good to know that it is not heaty (Posted on 10/31/14)
Great, healthy Protein!Review by Ian
Just when i thought the best protein I'd tried couldn't get better, it did.

Offering a completely natural alternative to their already best selling protein powder really appeals to me since I've read about the dangers of over consumption of artificial sweeteners. This helps reduce the total intake when stacking different supplements such as my whey, casein, beta alanine, amino's, fish oil and others.

As a general rule, I try to have no artificial sweeteners in my supplements, but if it really cant be helped I try my best to keep them to a minimum. Optimum Nutrition really helps me achieve that with their natural range, with a total of absolutely ZERO artificial sweeteners in my stack. Everything, short of my fish oil (Rebound cod liver oil from the polyclinic pharmacy), is from ON. I've honestly come to fully trust and support this brand.

Same price, same great quality, all natural. Only sad thing is there's no 10 Lbs bag of it. I'd recommend just referring to this brand for all your supplement needs. Simply wonderful! (Posted on 2/27/14)
Not heatyReview by Jerry
I have tried many different brands of whey protein . This is the only one that doesn't cause the breakout to me. I don't feel heaty also. Highly recommend it for people who feel heaty when taking protein. (Posted on 9/18/13)
Great with milkReview by Leo
I ordered this since it doesn't have artificial sweeteners. The taste is fairly okay with water, not too sweet. It is best with milk or almond milk! (Posted on 7/27/13)
Just satisfying.Review by Hendra
Natural flavor, yet it is so sweet. I love this. Recommend guys who want natural taste. :) (Posted on 5/14/13)

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