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It's not for everyoneReview by Danny
I guess everyone's stomach is different and I had diarrhoea everytime! (Posted on 5/14/16)
Just try itReview by Oibm
Finished a my 5lb mutant mass and gained 1.5kg, same waistline. You judge that! (Posted on 5/2/16)
Taste and resultsReview by Owen
I brought the peanut butter chocolate. You mainly taste more of the peanut butter but it taste damn good when you blend it. The results is also showing (Posted on 4/4/16)
Cheap but...Review by RealSteel
I am a 36years old, 58kg, 1.62m. Gained 3kg of mass, with some love handles despite doing 1.5hour cardio and alternate days core and upper body resistance training. Product works, but causes bloating and alot of farting. Even start off with diarrhea for the 1st week. (Posted on 3/16/16)
Never try never knowReview by Mogan
Best product and to see good result of the benefit (Posted on 10/27/15)
side effectReview by SS
i bought the vanilla . taste is typical however, i fart the whole day long. never encounter any product that kind of side effect. before i made the purchased, i read from one review that the product make you fart, i didnt believe that, its really true and worst, loose stool. i drag to finish the whole dam product (Posted on 8/27/15)
mehReview by bruhfesser
1) It does its job, it helps you gain mass alright.

2) There is a wide variety of flavors to choose from and some are AMAZING. (Triple Choc, Cookies & Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream)

3) Low price compared to other weight gainers hence it is worth the money if you have a smaller budget.

1) However, there are 2 flavor extremities, it either taste EXTREMELY good or HORRIBLY bad, so do your research before deciding on flavors. (Choc Hazelnut and Strawberry Banana Creme tastes horrid and extremely artificial)

2) Mutant farts and stomach aches. If your stomach isn't strong, do expect yourself to have potent farts and stomach aches when you first try the product. I have no problem with another mass gainer products, only this.

3) Compared to other products, mutant mass causes quite a hefty amount of bloating because of its large serving sizes, after i first tried it i spent 0.5 hours on my couch feeling like a fat boy who had just eaten the most in his life at the worst buffet ever.

I would recommend this product if you are trying to gain mass but do buy the smaller pack first to try out flavors and see if it works for you (every body reacts differently).

BUT IN ALL HONESTY, I have tried all the mass gainers fitlion has the offer and the best mass gainer on this site would probably be Super Gainer by Optimum nutrition is probably better than this.
Albeit Super Gainer has a smaller "large pack *12lbs vs 17 lbs (mutant)* it is cheaper *$74 vs $85* it also has a smaller serving per size but provides more calories, more protein, more carbs and is a better product overall. (Posted on 8/9/15)
ZzzzzzzReview by Amy
No comment. Taste sucks (Posted on 7/22/15)
Not bad Review by Coleman
So far the peanut butter chocolate taste exactly like peanut butter but i kept farting after drinking it for a few months,i did gain mass but i could say is one of my favorite mass gainer. (Posted on 6/21/15)
Excellent!Review by Chivas
nvr tried it but can tell itll b good :o (Posted on 3/29/15)
Taste isn't an issue as its easy to finish it , bought the Vanilla Ice Cream ( 5lbs ) although instructions was not clear. Cant wait to try the Triple Chocolate eruption ( 15lbs )
(Posted on 3/11/15)
Not suitable for everyoneReview by Anon
I had diarrhea for three days after drinking the flavor of cookies and cream (Posted on 2/5/15)
OMGReview by Kizu
I must say... it's efficient in gaining weight but... the chocolate hazelnut i got is disgusting... (Posted on 10/14/14)
good!Review by fbrock
bought triple chocolate first time and to be honest it taste eww but add slices of banana when drinking to make it taste better and oder second one that was strawberry banana creme and it taste extremely awesome! (Posted on 6/2/14)
amazing results!!Review by mutant freak
I bought the 15lb mass gainer cookies and cream flavour. and now on my second purchase 5lb vanilla ice cream flavor. damn this mutant mass says it all and it means what it stated. I gain mass, weight and lean muscle in a few months, of course plus together with the daily hardcore workouts. taste wise for cookies and cream, it taste awesome but u will get lots of farts for the first few times, and there wont be any more farts after u get use to it. if u wanna get bulk, get this!! its worth the money! thanks fitlion! (Posted on 5/14/14)
It works based on performance.Value on moneyReview by Ras
first of all the tase review for Triple Chocolate.taste wasn't really good. tasted like a chocolate biscuit. dont mix with milk,its gonna be thick as hell. 7/10.
mixabilty is great with water 9/10
mixability with milk is good but again , too damn thick.6/10

pros:performance wise i can carry more weights then before. feel more pump and energize. better strength.

cons:fart alot.feel abit bloated. (Posted on 2/25/14)
AWESOMEReview by JizzOnMyShorts
This product IS just TOOOOO Good. I gained 12kg in 1 month@!!!!@£ (Posted on 1/31/14)
Great product!Review by Sean RM
Tastes good! Mixes well with a spoon! Definitely worth of money! :D (Posted on 12/27/13)
GreatReview by Abib
great tasting mass gainer, gained only a kilo every week though. and somehow the vanilla mixes better than the chocolate. (Posted on 11/29/13)
Good .Review by Ezy
HAve been taking this for quite awhile. Not much increase in weight but more to lean muscle. Maybe I'm not eating much. Usually depends on this for daily calories intake. (Posted on 11/21/13)
Unbelievable Review by Zackyrif
I bought the vanilla ice cream one and bloody hell it tastes so freakin good!!! You should really give this a try! Awesome post-workout indeed! No regrets! ;) (Posted on 8/1/13)
Great resultsReview by Sif
Firstly, the taste is so good. I bought cookies and cream flavor. Secondly, the results are shown clearly. Gained from 71kg to 74kg in just one week! But of course with workouts 4 times per week. Gonna buy the 15lbs one soon. Can't wait to see more results! (Posted on 6/13/13)
Great product w/addictive tasteReview by Deadpool
Skeptical at first. Always hav dat mindset dat these wgt gainers will add spare tyres to ur gut. Bt dis one definately dun add to urz. Bought a 5lb bag n i finsh it in 1wk 2 days. Bought a 15lb +2lb bonus soon aftr.

Results were great wif mutant mass. Great post workout n muscle were sore n tight. Due to its calories, clean carbs, proteins n aminos. Definately worth it. (Posted on 3/7/13)
Try it to Believe It.Review by Jizu
Simple one of the best product ever try.

(Posted on 3/4/13)

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