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BioG™ Glucose Management MicroTabs

30 sachets

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Manage Healthy Sugar Level Health Supplement


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Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is critical to reduce risk of diabetes. In serious cases, diabetes can lead to blindness, heart failure, kidney failure and even amputations.

BioG™ Glucose Management MicroTabs is a unique formulation of natural ingredients that includes Green Coffee Extract, Chromium & Apple Extract that assist in increasing the sensitivity & role of insulin (Insulin are hormones produced by the body to control the blood sugar level), increase usage of glucose converted into energy, and reduce excessive glucose absorption in body.

  • Insulin Sensitivity: Green Coffee Extract – with its active constituent- chlorogenic acids helps to delay the intestinal glucose uptake and reduce hepatic glucose output through inhibition of the activity of glucose-6- phosphate. It also helps to improve insulin sensitivity which is beneficial in preventing high blood sugar level.
  • Fat & Glucose Metabolism: Chromium – a natural mineral found in body that works to improve the function of insulin. Chromium also enhances the insulin signaling to increase sugar uptake by body muscle.
  • Insulin Resistance: – Apple extract prevents insulin resistance with antioxidant benefits. A good sensitivity to insulin is a sign of good health.

* Please consult your doctor if you have any medical condition

BioG™ MicroTabs are free of artificial flavouring & colouring, preservatives, gluten and lactose.
For any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 6268 9143 or email or chat with us online at

BioG™ Glucose Management MicroTabs 1g

Take 1 sachet daily with water after meal.

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  • 19 Oct 2018, 3:58 PM



    Goodness in a sachet. Looks like fish food but a great supplement to manage my blood sugar level. This now adds to my monthly supply of supplements.

The BioG™ panel of medical scientists strives to produce nothing but the best nutritional supplements. There are a few ingredients that are not suitable with the BioG™MicroTab Technology, Omega-3 fish oil is one of them. Fish oil is the most efficacious when encapsulated in soft gels.

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