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BioG™ Antioxidant Support

30 sachets

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Provide potent antioxidant activity


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BioG™ Antioxidant Support contains a medley of more than 30 natural ingredients.

Each ingredient provides its unique antioxidant property in order to boost your overall wellness and health.

Antioxidants are needed to protect our cells healthy inside out and slower the signs of aging such as skin, eyes, heart and brain.

  • BioG™ MultiVit & Antioxidants 0.500 g
  • BioG™ Cran-Max/Mannose 0.250 g
  • BioG™ Alpha Lipoic Acid 0.125 g
  • BioG™ Fruits & Greens (High ORAC Antioxidants) 0.125 g
  • BioG™ Green Tea Extract 0.125 g
  • BioG™ Vitamin C 0.125 g

Take 1 sachet daily with water after meal.

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The BioG™ panel of medical scientists strives to produce nothing but the best nutritional supplements. There are a few ingredients that are not suitable with the BioG™MicroTab Technology, Omega-3 fish oil is one of them. Fish oil is the most efficacious when encapsulated in soft gels.

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