Gel Bunion Cushion

1 Pair

Code: B019-0006-00

Designed to relieve external pressure and friction that might aggravate and irritate the site of bunion.


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Suitable for people with bunions.

One size fits all and comes in a pair.


• Helps to provide cushioning over the bunion area and slips easily over your big toe.

• Surrounds the bunion and provides a barrier between your footwear and foot.

• Gives immediate relief from footwear pressure.

• Washable and reusable.

• Can be worn on either foot.

Apply to clean and dry foot. Place gel loop over big toe and lay the body of the pad over the bunion area. Remove cushion at least 3 to 4 hours daily to allow the skin to breathe.

To clean, wash with mild soap using warm water. Avoid exposing under directing sunlight.

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