Billing & Delivery

Delivery Policy

In order to enjoy a smooth and trouble-free delivery, it is important to understand how your order will be delivered.

Do spend a few minutes to read through our delivery policy page.

We deliver only within Singapore

You can shop from anywhere in the world, but we only deliver within sunny Singapore.


Delivery Charge

A $6 delivery charge is applicable to every order.

Delivery is FREE with a minimum spend of S$100 per order.

(NOTE: Qualifying conditions for FREE delivery are subject to prevailing promotions, and may change without notice)


Delivery Slots

You may choose from any of the following delivery time-slots:

Monday to Saturday
9am - 12pm
12pm - 3pm
3pm - 6pm
6pm - 9pm

Each delivery time-slot has a maximum delivery capacity.

A blocked slot indicates that the maximum capacity has already been reached.

* We do not deliver on Sundays and Public Holidays


Delivery Address

Please ensure your delivery address is complete, and contains ALL of the following details:

  1. Company / shop name (for businesses / shophouses)
  2. Block and Unit number (for HDB flats / condominiums / apartments)
  3. House number (for landed property / private estates)
  4. 6-digit postal code

Failure to provide a valid address will result in significant delays to your delivery and may lead to a failed delivery attempt.

If your address details are incorrect (wrong unit no. / block no. / postal code / contact number), or if you update your details after placing your order, please notify us immediately in writing by replying to your Invoice Email.

Be sure to provide a valid mobile number as well just in case we need to call or SMS you regarding your delivery.

Delivery Day

  1. Please remain contactable on the day of your delivery
  2. Please ensure that someone is available to receive your order during your selected timeslot
  3. If no-one is available to receive your order upon arrival at your delivery address, or if your address is incorrect / invalid, the delivery attempt will be considered failed
  4. If the delivery attempt fails, your order will be returned to our warehouse the next working day

No Show

If your delivery fails to arrive on time, either

  1. Reply to your Invoice Email to let us know, or
  2. Drop us an email at with the subject "Failed Delivery", making sure to include your invoice no.

We will investigate all no-shows immediately and arrange for a re-delivery if necessary.



We welcome all feedback at


* Important Notes About Your Order

  1. We are unable to deliver at specific times (e.g. at 4.30pm, before 9am, after 8pm etc)
  2. We are unable to wait for more than 5 minutes at your delivery location
  3. If your address details are incorrect (wrong unit / block no. / postal code), please notify us immediately in writing by replying to your Invoice Email
  4. Orders cannot be modified once placed (e.g. change of address / items / flavours / sizes / colours / quantity etc)
  5. To cancel an order, please reply to your Invoice Email with your cancellation request. (NOTE: Promo items are heavily limited, and do not carry over to new orders)

For Self Collection - Instructions & Policy


  1. When picking up your order, please present either your Invoice Email or SMS Notification at the Front Desk
  2. All orders must be paid for via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal (we are unable to accept cash)
  3. We are unable to support a change of pickup location
  4. We are unable to accept walk-in purchases
  5. Should you have any questions about your order, please reply to your Invoice email
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