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Beyond Bodi Heat Pack (1S)

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Beyond BodiHeat® is an easy-to-use, non-medicated, air-activated heat pad that delivers up to 12 hours of soothing pain relief for sore muscles and joints. This exclusive formula works with your own circulation to spread the warmth further and ease your pain fast. UNIQUE FEATURES: Sooth sore, aching muscles. Relieve back and joint pain. Reduce neck and shoulder pain. Ease knee pain. Ideal for lengthy drives and flights, or long days at the office. Great before or during sports activities or chores. Designed to be worn over clothing.


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Bodiheat is a safe, non-medicated pain relief pad that works with your own body to sprea its pain-relieving power beyond the area where it is applied. 

Its patented, natural mineral powder works with other ingredients to purge pain without medications, smelly creams or messy ointments. 

Bodiheat packs a lot of pain relied in pads that are lighter, thinner and less noticeable under clothes. Put pain relief where you need it - and keep it there as you move through your busy day. 

No fuss. No fumes. No fears. 

'- Open the package and expose the pad to the air. No kneading or shaking is necessary. The pad will heat up within 20 minutes after opening.  - Remove the paper from the adhesive backing to adhere the pad to clothing. Do not adhere the pad directly to the skin. Remove the pad immediately if it becomes too warm and uncomfortable. - Once the pad has cooled or you are finished using it, gently peel it off clothing and discard it properly.  DO NOT open pouch until ready to use. 

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