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Japanese Fish Collagen

30 stick packs

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  • Hydrates skin & improves skin elasticity
  • Lightens wrinkles & deep lines
  • Reduces pigmentation & reveals radiant skin
  • Improves acuity of vision
  • Strengthens muscle & joint flexibility
  • Promotes collagen regeneration in the body
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair, nails & joints


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AVALON® Japanese Fish Collagen, Revitalise Skin, restore connective tissues & replenish collagen for younger looking skin!

AVALON® Japanese Fish Collagen uses premium Japanese Fish Collagen of the highest grade with Vitamin C and 1.5 billion probiotics per sachet to support collagen absorption and usage by the body.

Whitens skin, heals and hydrates your skin, tightens pores, lifts away deep lines and wrinkles, strengthens bones and joints, promotes healthy nails and keeps hair healthy. 100% Natural.

100% Natural Japanese Fish Collagen, enhanced with Probiotics for Better Absorption!

Beauty is no longer the exclusive domain of women. Healthy and radiant skin is coveted by both men & women of this new age generation.

Researched, developed and manufactured with Japanese expertise, AVALON® Japanese Fish Collagen combines the most premium ingredients and is made up of 100% Japanese Fish Collagen Peptide of molecular weight less than 3,000 Daltons; a formulation designed to best suit the human body absorption. Indulge in any one of the 3 fruitilicious flavors (no added sugar, suitable for diabetics as well as weight watchers) - Lemon, Mango and Blueberry for a firmer, younger looking skin and maintain our skin in the best condition.

Enhanced with Vitamin C, magnificent anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties, AVALON® Japanese Fish Collagen is the ultimate health supplement and possibly the key to turning back the clock. With no added sugar, it’s perfect even for weight watchers or those with diabetes. The product also offers easy convenience for those who are constantly on the go as it comes in slim, handy 2500mg sachets that can fit discreetly in your handbag or even pockets and makes consumption of collagen a pleasurable daily affair.

Fortified with Probiotics complex, AVALON® Japanese Fish Collagen is also the first product in the market that contains a combination of beneficial bacteria strains that work to balance the intestinal microflora and rebuild a healthy intestinal system to further boost collagen peptides and L-Vitamin C absorption. It doubles the effectiveness of anti-ageing and anti-oxidants, hence resulting in skin becoming radiant and healthy.

It is never too early to start on collagen as the natural production of collagen in our body declines when we are 20 years old. Thus get your daily dose of AVALON® Japanese Fish Collagen today to start enjoying the awesome benefits of it!


What is collagen and what is the function of it?

Collagen is a natural protein in the body that is found in bones, skin and connective tissues which gives structure, firmness and support to our bodies; not just the skin. It makes up around 75% of the skin and is responsible for a healthy youthful looks, it is also an essential for our healthy hair, nails and joints.

What are collagen peptides?

Normal collagen has a molecular weight about 300,000 Daltons which is difficult for our body to absorb. Collagen peptides have lower molecular weight (between 2000 and 5000 Daltons) which makes it easier for out body to absorb.

AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen peptides has molecular weight of less than 3,000 Daltons which can be fully utilized by our body.

What is the difference between the fish and the bovine collagen?

Fish collagen is up to 60% purer than bovine collagen. In addition, bovine collagen is not well absorbed by our body due to a large difference in its molecular structure to human. In contrast, the molecular structure of fish collagen is closer to human; hence it is more easily absorbed by the body.

Are there any side effects for taking collagen?

AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen contains all natural ingredients which do not cause side effects even for long term consumption.

Can I stop the product after I achieved my desired results?

Depletion of collagen is a natural physiological process and it accelerates with age. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the dosage after achieving your desired results instead of stopping your collagen intake.

What is the ideal age to start collagen?

It is recommended to start taking collagen between 20 to 25 years old. Our skin condition is at its best at 20 years old. However, from 25 years old onward, and our skin start to lose lustre and signs of aging becomes apparent.

How long does it take to see result?

Research has shown that most individuals begin to feel the difference in them within 4 to 6 weeks. However, results may vary among individuals. Collagen requires time to work on supporting body tissues before the physical changes in our body are noticed. Therefore, it is recommended to take AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen continually for 90days for initial users.

When is the best time to take collagen?

The best time to take AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen is in the morning and before sleep

In the morning, our body's absorption takes place more readily and best, and at night the collagen peptide molecular absorbed by intestinal will stimulate the natural renewal of skin and other connective tissues.

Is there any preservatives, sugar or food additives in AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen?

AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen does not contain any preservatives, sugar or food additives. Sweetness of the product is from the fruit extract powder and Erythritol; a naturally-derived sugar substitute that tastes very much like sugar with almost zero calories.

Will eating collagen cause weight gain?

AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen uses pure and premium collagen peptides from Japan which is easily absorbed by our body; as such it eliminates possibility of weight gain. Weight gain only occurs when collagen proteins are not absorbed by our body.

Interesting Facts

Did you know… Mangoes are rich in phytonutrients, carotenoids and polyphenols and is important in our body for fighting against many types of cancers?

Did you know… Blueberries are packed with anti-oxidants to help us fight off free radicals in the environment and protect our skin from the sun's damage.

Did you know… Lemons are sour and make you cringe but they’re full of nutrients for strengthening your digestive system and liver.

- Japanese Fish Collagen, Probiotic Complex, Frutooligosaccharides (FOS), Fruit Juice Powder, Vitamin C
- Halal-Certified
- Conveniently-packed

Suggested for use as an addition to the diet.

Take one stick, once or twice daily.

Open the stick and pour into mouth directly or mix the content with juice or water.

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    bought this to try and wow it does wonders for my skin. will be back for more.

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