Femi Care

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Singapore's 1st women's intimate care drink with beauty effects!

  • Protects Women’s intimate area against bacterial growth
  • Prevent Urinary Tract Infections
  • Anti-oxidant Support


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Up to 50% of women will experience Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) at least once during their life time. UTI is usually caused by bacterial infection in the intimate area – and such infections could lead to discomfort and odour in the intimate area, inconveniencing our daily lives.

AVALON® Femi Care Women’s Intimate Care Enzyme Drink is an all-in-one functional BEAUTY drink formulated with all-natural ingredients, designed to help us achieve flawless complexion, and support our intimate area's well-being, from within. It does not contain any additives such as hormones, and we pride it in being both safe and effective.

Formulated with natural ingredients, AVALON® Femi Care helps support urinary tract health and the initmate area from within. It also contains fruits and vegetables enzyme to boost efficacy as it helps enhance digestion and absorption.

Take AVALON® Femi Care daily to maintain the well-being of the delicate intimate area with ease and feel fresh all day!

Roselle Extract
- helps purifies, lifts, and firms skin Cranberry Extract
- helps support urinary tract health & prevent urinary tract infections Pomegranate Extract
- which provides antioxidant support Fruits and vegetables enzymes - which boosts efficacy and enhances nutrients absorption

Fruits and Vegetables Enzyme, Cranberry Extract, Roselle Extract, Vitamin C, Pomegranate Extract, Citric Acid, Apple Vinegar, Honey, Mix Berries Juice, Sucralose, Water

Who is it recommended for:
- Ladies suffering from UTI and 'abnormal' vaginal discharge
- Anyone who wants to improve their complexion

Take 1 bottle daily after meal. Keep chilled for best taste.

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  • 19 Oct 2018, 2:56 PM


    Si Min

    Quite like the flavour, as compared to other similar Korean brand drinks. Great customer service and on time delivery. Will definitely buy from you guys again.

It is one of our unchanging principles since 2004 to regard our customers as
family. Just as how we only provide the best for our family, we promise to only deliver the safest and most effective products to you. Our efforts in Research & Development are focused on the use of only 100% natural and clinically-proven ingredients, to develop holistic formulas with the best results.

Fast forward to today, AVALON® now has an impressive range of products across
its Beauty, Slimming, and Detox categories, found in 15 countries worldwide. All
of AVALON®'s products are manufactured in Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan under the strictest regulations.

Till date, AVALON® still holds the No. 1 Best Seller title in Singapore across all 3 of its categories, reaffirming its popularity among customers today.

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