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Aloe Multiple Detox

60 capsules

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Singapore's No.1 Best Selling Detox Supplement for 12 Years.


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AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules was awarded with Best Selling Detox Supplement for 12 consecutive years!

See Results in 3 Days & Rebirth of Well-being in 30 Days!

Environmental pollution, hectic lifestyles and poor dietary habits create a negative impact on our bodies, causing our immune system to weaken and our digestive system to be strained. Our inability to clear built up toxins in our body results in what is commonly known as "overnight waste" — as such, we become lethargic and our stomach begins to bloat. Over time, our health gets affected and we become burdened with all sorts of illness.

To resolve the problem, we can adopt lifestyle and diet changes or consume natural detoxifying products regularly to cleanse our body of toxic waste and to supplement it with nutrients.

AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules is extracted & concentrated 100 times under room temperature from Aloe Barbadensis, the Aloe Vera species with the highest medicinal value. It is then dried at -38oC to retain its bioactive essence. AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules is the ideal daily supplement we need for a harmonious life.

So when do we need to detox our body?

  • Habitual constipation
  • Excess gas and bloated feeling
  • Bad breath and body odour
  • Poor immunity
  • Imbalanced diet
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Poor concentration
  • Constant fatigue
  • Poor facial complexion
  • Weight problems
  • Pains in muscles and joints

Awards Presented throughout the Years…

  • Unity Popular Choice Award - Best Brand (2012 - 2017)
  • Watsons Health Wellness & Beauty Award (2008 – 2017)
  • Guardian's Health & Beauty Preferred Choice Award (2008 – 2016)
  • Unity Popular Choice Award (2007 – 2017)
  • CozyCot Holy Grail Award - Detoxing Capsules (2008)
  • Singapore Book of Records - Singapore No.1 Detox Brand (2010)


Why do we need to detoxify our body?

Environmental pollution, unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits affect our body's ability and efficiency in clearing accumulated toxins; as such we need to take detoxification product such as Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox to get rid of accumulated toxins naturally and effectively.

What is the difference between home-cooked aloe vera and Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox?

Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox is concentrated at room temperature and dried at -38°C to retain the bioactive ingredients.

In contrast, high temperature during cooking destroys the bioactive ingredients in aloe vera. This means you have to consume large amount of home-cooked aloe vera to achieve the effects of one capsule of Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox.

Can diabetic or hypertension patients take Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox?

Yes. Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox helps diabetic patients to reduce blood sugar level. Bioactive ingredients can assist in regulating blood pressure for hypertension patients.

Can I lose weight with Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox?

Some people may experience weight loss as detoxification helps you to clear accumulated toxins (such as built up faeces and excess body water). However, Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox is not a slimming product. To burn excess fat and lose weight, you can consume slimming products such as Avalon™ Fat Burner after your detoxification regime.

Are there any side effects if I consume Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox for long term?

So far there is no side effect found as Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox is derived from 100% pure aloe vera. For long term consumption, it is recommended to reduce dosage.

How long does Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox takes to work?

Generally, Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox works within 3 days. It raidly relieves constipation and the bloated feeling in the abdomen. After completing one full course (30 days), your digestive system will be enhanced and your body is cleansed of toxins. You will feel more alert and energetic with improved skin conditions.

What is the difference between Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox & AdvanCleanse™?

Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox is made up of Aloe Polysaccharide vitamins and minerals for swift cleansing of body toxin. It is recommended for people who experience constipation, water retention and bloated stomach. The results can be seen within 3 days.

In contrast, AdvanCleanse™ consists of a class of friendly bacteria that promotes health, balance the microflora in our intestine and increase efficiency of the digestive system. These friendly bacteria prevent and limit the growth of harmful bacteria that affects nutrientabsorption or create intestinal disturbances. This product is highly recommended for people with a sensitive stomach, lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, gastric, etc. Long term consumption helps to boost immunity, thus it is also suitable for kids.

Should I take Avalon™ Aloe Multiple Detox before or after food?

You should consume it after food.

Interesting Facts

Aloe Vera is an adaptogen, which means something that boosts the body’s natural ability to adapt to external changes & fight illness?

The consequences of not cleansing the body are actually far more severe and long-lasting, and symptoms worsen with time resulting in bloating.

Eating whole fruits & vegetables and drinking ample of water is the best approach for overall health as our body can naturally removes toxins on its own."

- 100% Aloe Barbadensis, Vegetable capsules
- Vegetarian-Friendly
- Halal-Certified

Take one to two capsules, once or twice daily.

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It is one of our unchanging principles since 2004 to regard our customers as
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Fast forward to today, AVALON® now has an impressive range of products across
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Till date, AVALON® still holds the No. 1 Best Seller title in Singapore across all 3 of its categories, reaffirming its popularity among customers today.

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