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Mutant Mass

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Astounding! ^.^Review by E.1. ~ Iwan
Been using this product for some time.
Manage to gain 5kg on 1st bag. After that gains 1-2kg per bag (with proper diet), & it just give the calorie strength/pre-workout energy needed to last workout session.

Tried stopping to use for awhile, can feel immediate decrease of strength.

Just sharing review for flavors.

1) Triple Chocolate = 7/10*
- Rich chocolatey taste (TOO RICH - for choc lover)
2) Cookies & Cream = 8/10*
- Awesome mix, not clumpy
3) Chocolate Hazelnut = 10/10*
- The "BEST" flavor throughout all the supplements out there
- If you love NUTELLA, the taste 90% the same

Intake: 400-500ml with 2 scoops
Cons: You will either fart or shit more frequent than normal (depends on individual)

Cheers ~ ` E.1. ` (Posted on 3/2/16)
Awesome Mass GainerReview by Lutfil
Love with the triple chocolate Mass Gainer!The taste is damn nice itself. (Posted on 12/7/15)
NiceReview by Jack
Nice (Posted on 11/24/15)

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